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ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’ Former ​Producer Has Written a Winner!

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“A great pick-me-up… a Bloody Mary of Cheerful reads! Even if you have never watched reality TV you will be tickled by Lisa Mary London’s hilarious novel narrated by the gloriously larger-than-life (in every sense) Gloria Grayson, one time svelte soap superstar, now fat failure, as she tries to claw her way up from rock bottom via a reality show. Get ready to read it and weep with laughter.”

DEBORAH LAWRENSON – Bestselling Author


“A sharp and skilfully observed satire that lampoons celebrity culture. The author has worked in TV and is clearly writing about what she knows with authenticity dripping from each very turn-able page. Enjoy!”

BEN ANDO – BBC News Correspondent and Writer


“So many laugh out loud moments… put it this way, I didn’t dare drink or eat while reading as I would surely have ended up wearing it!”

RAE READS – Amazon Reviewer


“As someone who works in the entertainment industry I can truly say it’s a total reflection of what can and does happen behind the scenes. It’s immensely hilarious and I completed it within 2 days – an absolute page turner from start to finish!”

DERMOT McMANARA – Goodreads Reviewer


“The perfect Sunday afternoon curled up on the sofa read. Expect lots of laughter and plenty of satire… Experience the power of social media responses and just how far washed up celebrities will go to try to regain their lost success. It was a real delight to read. Super stuff and recommended from me.”

ANNE CATER – Random Things Through My Letterbox Blog and Top 500 Amazon Reviewer


“The funniest book I have read in a long time. Lisa Mary London has invested a wealth of knowledge and experience of dealing with real stars through her TV production career. You will have fun trying to match up characters’ personalities and flaws with well-known names. Men and women alike will enjoy reading it and it will appeal to fans of reality TV shows and non-watchers alike.”



“What a hoot! My wife and daughter told me I had to read it, and I’m so glad I did. Well written and researched… (obviously from a life of experience from someone used to ‘behind the camera’ access), pacey, heart-warming and just good fun. A brilliant present for anyone who loves reality TV and onscreen divas!”

JAMES – Amazon Reviewer


“The cast of characters are hilarious and superb… a nice tale hilariously told. It includes very funny emails and press reports and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. A complete change from my usual psychological thrillers and a book that has changed my view of humorous books – 5 stars from me!!!”

KAREN P, BOOK LOVER – Amazon Reviewer


“I spent most of the time with my arm dug in my side trying to get rid of the stitch I got from laughing so hard. I also found myself running to the loo more regularly than normal to avoid wetting myself.”

CHRIS 123 – Amazon Reviewer


“A book that will lift your spirits, bring a tear to your eye and make you belly laugh when you least expect it. But don’t be fooled by the frivolity, behind the humour there are some very meaningful themes, moving ideas and wonderful wisdom!”



“One of the quirkiest stories I’ve read this year. If you’re tired of reading angst-ridden domestic noir and need a lighter read that still packs a punch, give Reality Rehab a try you won’t be disappointed.”

JAFFAREADSTOO Blog and Top 500 Amazon Reviewer


“A laugh out loud comedy of the highest order. The diverse and dynamic characters are just fabulous, there’s even an adorable over-pampered pooch. Lisa Mary London is a very talented and witty author who has based the story on her real life experiences working in television. I highly recommend this fast-paced and uplifting novel – you won’t be disappointed with the many brilliant one-liners and hilarious dialogue!”

MIRIAM SMITH – Amazon Reviewer


“I’m normally more of a fan of gritty psychological thrillers but now and again you need a palate cleanser and Reality Rehab delivers in SPADES. I haven’t enjoyed a book more innocently in years, it was a pleasure from start to finish. Thoroughly recommended – even the most cynical of readers will be charmed and amused, and let’s face it, we need to be sometimes!”

BEE – Goodreads Reviewer


“One of my top picks for 2017! I am a reality TV show addict… so when I came across this story I knew it was right up my alley – reality TV in book form, Heaven! And boy was I right. Reality Rehab is a must-read for everyone in our reality TV obsessed world. With dynamic characters that are totally outrageous, hilarious antics and a pampered pooch for good measure, Reality Rehab is completely binge-worthy and I could not put it down.”

BOOKS OF ALL KINDS – Amazon Reviewer


“This book is side-splittingly funny! I didn’t know what to expect, as reality TV isn’t my thing. However, I loved this book! It should come with a warning – I received some very strange looks when I kept bursting into laughter on a packed train! Just brilliant.”

AISHA – Goodreads Reviewer


“The most enjoyable book I’ve read in recent years. Before I managed to read Reality Rehab my teenage daughter helped herself to it, and loud giggles were heard coming from her room! When at last I managed to read it my hubby was hurrying me up so he could read it! I can’t think of many (or any) books that we’ve all enjoyed and laughed aloud at.”

JAN FERGUSON – Goodreads Reviewer